13 Things All Former Emo Kids Will Understand

Ah, the good old days of angst and eyeliner. For us former emo kids, there was never a greater time in music than the early 2000’s. The screaming, the constant guita 1 min

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Ah, the good old days of angst and eyeliner. For us former emo kids, there was never a greater time in music than the early 2000’s. The screaming, the constant guitar riffs, and the feels when the lead singer just “got you.”

  1. 1 You could never use enough eye liner.

    Whether it was wing tips or the cat eye, you knew that your look was not complete without the heaviest of all black lines on your eyelid. The black represented more than just the fact that you stole your mom’s eyeliner; it represented the color of your soul.

  2. 2 Your pants will never be as tight.

    You took your cue from Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz. There was never going to be a skinny jean that was tight enough to match your punk rock vibe. You not only felt super hip wearing pants that were four sizes too small, but you also experienced the pain of losing circulation in your calves.

  3. 3 Your scene kid hair cut was so on point.

    No one understood that this wasn’t just a phase and that you actually did love having all of your hair covering your face. People not being able to see your eyes just made you all the more mysterious.

  4. 4 You still wear your Vans with Sharpie drawings.

    The white and black checkered low tops were the uniform for you back in the day, but you just had to fill in the white spaces with Sharpie because you were so painfully hip. Even though the shoes have holes where your toes are these days, nothing hugs your feet quite like those babies.

  5. 5 Your head bang was almost too good.

    The mosh pit was your second home and where you felt comfortable being around people that shared your suburban angst. Your skank and pogo were something that My Chemical Romance would be proud of.

  6. 6 We started the grey hair trend.

    Speaking of My Chemical Romance, lead singer Gerard Way came out with this new ‘do way back in the prime emo year of 2005. Slow your roll hipsters. If you think that your new grandma-themed hair color was inventive, you’re forgetting that the scene kids deserve the credit.

  7. 7 You can finish these song lyrics.

    “I chime in with a haven’t you people heard of…” and “My father took me into the city…”

  8. 8 Hot Topic was the sh*t!!!!!!!!

    You had the discount card, all the coupons, and you knew the cashier. When you and your emotional sqquad were aimlessly walking around the mall on a Sunday, this was your first stop. And you still stop in for band merch when it’s on sale.

  9. 9 Speaking of stores, did you ever actually buy anything at Zumiez or just steal the stickers?

    Your locker, your notebooks, and every inch of your accordion folder was plastered with these logo stickers because you just had to. You never really bought anything there, but a simple trip inside this store meant you’d find yourself walking out with approximately 55 of these stickers.

  10. 10 Energy drinks were totally necessary.

    When life was hard in your cul de sac and Algebra was really getting you down, that energy drink was just the next step. How were you supposed to practice your screamo scream at 3AM if the long day wore you out?

  11. 11 Warped Tour.

    Need I say more?

  12. 12 Summer and winter clothes were exactly the same.

    The way to show the world that you were a true emo kid was by wearing chain gaucho pants and your long sleeve mesh tee shirt in the middle of July. Heart so cold, that layers were a must – even in summer.

  13. 13 You’re welcoming it all back.

    With the summer Fall Out Boy tour and Brendon Urie releasing new music, you can almost feel the music of you teen sadness coming back in full force. While nothing can match the musical glory of a year like 2007, maybe the new age of emo is finally reappearing.

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