21 Things Super Pale Girls Know To Be True

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This time of year while everyone else is walking around with their sun-kissed skin or hitting the tanning salon to get some extra bronzing, there’s a whole society of pale girls who just flip through fashion magazines and think, “I wonder what it would be like to notlook like an albino.”  Paleness isn’t a choice, though.  It’s something we were born with.  And try as we might, it’s just not something we can easily change.

That’s why most pale girls manage to develop a pretty thick — albeit incredibly fair — skin.  We don’t look like J-Lo or the Kardashian sisters, but that’s okay.  We have our own special charm.  Pale girls unite!

  1. Sometimes you have to scrap a group photo because everyone looks great, except your face is so white and washed out, it looks like you took a selfie with the moon.
  2. People commenting on our paleness is just an everyday occurrence.
  3. So is people asking if you feel all right.
  4. You have to be careful about wearing too much black.  It’s easy to look vampire-y.
  5. Sun hats are not a fashion statement.  They’re a necessary tool for survival.
  6. Not that you haven’t tried to tan before.
  7. One horrible sunburn was all it took to make you abandon that dream forever.
  8. When the Twilight movies came out, you were just like, “Yeah, I’ve been pale since before it was cool to be pale.”
  9. You sometimes have a hard time finding a shade of foundation that’s light enough for you.
  10. And when you blush over something embarrassing, there’s no hiding it whatsoever.
  11. Pale celebs like Lorde and Emma Stone give you hope for the future, though.
  12. You went through a phase where you tried all the self-tanning products you could find.
  13. None of them work.
  14. Your mom still reminds you to always wear sunscreen because you’re so fair.
  15. In fact, you probably even have sunscreen as part of your everyday makeup routine.
  16. You might even be an expert on which brands of moisturizer have sunscreen in them.  (The more you know!)
  17. For Halloween you once went as Wednesday from the Addams Family.  Not because you particularly like the Addams Family.  Because you look like her.
  18. Because you’re so fair, every little blemish or break-out shows up on your face like a neon sign when you get them.
  19. And when you wear a swimsuit during the summer, your ghostly white skin will probably blind a few folks.
  20. You could close your eyes and take a selfie and people might actually think you’re dead.
  21. That’s okay though, because someday pale people might take over the world.  I mean, have you seen Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones?

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