The ‘Hanging Out With Your Single Friend’ Drinking Game

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For those nights spent in with your single friend who is always telling you how single she is, I dare you to try this.

Take a shot for every single dating app that she has on her phone.

Whenever she mentions Tinder, take a drink.

Whenever she goes on Tinder, take a shot. And make her stay on it and watch this thrilling event.

Take a drink for every swipe right.

And take a drink for the guys you think she should have swiped right, but swiped left.

If you catch yourself thinking no wonder she’s single, take a shot.

Take a drink when she says “I just want to have what you and [your boyfriend] have”

Chug your drink while she tells you about a terrible date.

Chug your drink while she tells you about a promising date who never texted her back.

Take a drink when she asks you to sleepover because she doesn’t want to sleep alone tonight. Also, maybe warn her how drunk you’re getting right now.

Take a big drink whenever she says she will never find someone. Because she will.

Take a drink when she says, “we never go out like we used to.”

Take a drink when she says she’ll never get married.

Take a drink when she asks, “what’s wrong with me?”

Chug while she texts her major douchelord ex. But also take her phone away from her for five minutes. She deserves a time out.

Take a drink when she thinks he’s seriously changed this time.

Take a shot when you’re actually kind of jealous of her life.

Did you just catch your friend looking at pictures of cats to adopt? Drink.

Another Tinder swipe? Drink.

Did she basically just tell you that she’d have a threesome with you and your boyfriend? Drink.

Is she falling asleep while you’re talking to her about something annoying your boyfriend did? Drink.

While she’s sleeping, did her phone magically slip into your hands for you to swipe right on the right guys for her? Finish the bottle and go home.

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